Seafood Boiling Pots

Our High Performance seafood boiling pots are the best for cooking seafood, crawfish, gumbo, and more!  With our patent-pending 'Tunnel Tube Technology' built into our cookers, you get the fastest cooker available. With a fast 90-second return boil, you'll have your outdoor gathering ready to eat in no time!

Why Buy a High Performance Seafood Boiling Pot?

There's no doubt that you will feel, see, and taste the difference in cooking with High Performance Cookers! What makes our outdoor cookers so unique? Here are a few reasons why:

  • Made from 6mm heavy-duty aluminum.
  • Built-in the USA using high-quality materials.
  • Great for cooking seafood, crawfish, gumbo, chili, turkey, vegetables, and more!
  • Multi-use for boiling, slow cooking, steaming, or frying. (optional upgrades)
  • Heated by high-powered interchangeable propane burners.
  • Every cooker comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

No more mushy crawfish! Start cooking like a professional!

Check out our Cooker Selection Chart for sizes, capacities and speeds!

Seafood Boiling Pots

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