Our crawfish cookers begin at 60 quarts and go up to 300 gallons in size and come with built in burners. Perfect for a small sack of crawfish up to 10 or more sacks to be cooked at a time.  From consumers to very large volume cooking at restaurants, events or gatherings, as well as catering or commercial cooking environments. Our largest commercial units can heat 75 gallons of water from 85 degrees to a rolling boil in less than 15 minutes while only using 2.6 gallons of propane, whereas our smallest consumer units use less than 1 gallon of propane to heat 20 quarts of water in less than 7 minutes. Our high-performance crawfish cookers will save you time, money, and convenience each time they are used. Many additional customized accessories and builds are available to fit any need or desire. Please contact us here for any customization requests.

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Crawfish Cookers

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