Why buy a High Performance Cooker?

What makes High Performance Cookers the best cooker on the market?  It's due to our Patent Pending Tunnel Tube Technology!  Below you can see why our technology works and why it is so special and such a breakthrough product!

PATENT PENDING Tunnel Tube Technology - High Performance Cookers boiling pots are the next generation High Performance pots. They have nearly three times the surface area of a traditional boiling pot and come to a boil in about one third the time. The increased surface area is achieved by welding special size pieces of aluminum channel on to the bottom of the pot in a specific way.

What are the benefits of this technology?  

  • Far less fuel usage
  • Comes to a boil in one third the time
  • Far less heat in the cooking area
  • Cost less to operate
  • No more mushy crawfish caused by slow traditional boiling pots.
Why buy a HP Cooker?


The High Performance Cookers ADVANTAGE over Traditional Pots!

One thing that all traditional pots have in common is Poor Performance due to the limited heated surface area on the bottom of the pot.  Traditional pots only absorb about 20% of the heat generated by the burner and the rest of the heat just heats up the cooking area, which can be quite miserable.  Traditional pots are extremely inefficient to operate as well requiring large amounts of propane for boiling.  Seafood such as crawfish and crabs take forever to come to a boil, not to mention the Re-Boil time after the seafood are dumped into the pot.

With our Patent Pending Tunnel Tube design, we are able to increase the surface area on the bottom of the pot, increasing the heat absorbed to 65%+ that is generated by the burner.  Additionally, our design enables the heat to be evenly distributed to the bottom of the pot, which creates the highest quality cooking surface to the food.  Our design produces a much more efficient operation of the cooker due to the savings in propane, because we are able to bring the cooker to a boil much quicker and return to boil much quicker as well.  Additionally, the food has a higher quality, due to the ability to return to a boil quicker.  The food will not get the mushy effect like traditional pots since the food does not have to sit in the non-boiling water so long waiting for it to return to boil.

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