Frequently Asked Questions

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Pre-Sales Questions

All of our built burners are welded to the bottom of our pots, so they are not useful as a standalone product. Below are the reasons and benefits of having the burners attached to each pot.

  • Enhances the performance of our pots to the highest level, thru heat transfer and the assurance of exact center placement each and every time.
  • Our burners are built to fit each sized cooker and to assure the best volume of heat and BTUs delivered for the greatest performance.
  • Attached burners do not make the pot heavy to move around. While some customers may think this would be awkward, or too heavy to move around, that is not the case. Since our burner is made completely out of aluminum except for the burner tubes, the burner is substantially less in weight than any other burner on the market.
  • True Multi-use Cooker - By purchasing a second burner module, like a banjo burner, you are able to turn your high speed boiler into a slow cooker or fryer substantially less than purchasing another setup. And this is done quickly by simply unbolting 3 nuts, and attaching the second burner module again with the 3 nuts. This takes less than 5 minutes to accomplish.
  • Space Savings and ease of use. By having the burner attached to the pots, you are saving on storage space. Easing you time and effort when setting up your cookouts. Storing only a secondary burner module is a great space savings as well, as opposed to a complete additional cooking unit.

We may build a completely separate burner at some point in the future, to provide this for other customers as well. We do resell a separate burner built by Bayou Classic here if interested.

Unfortunately we do not know when we will be able to get 6MM pots again. Could be a couple weeks or months, no way to know at this time.

However, we firmly prefer and recommend the 4mm pots over the 6mm as we achieve faster performance with 4mm over 6mm and also find the durability to be just as good as 6mm.

But we understand there are opinions out there that push 6mm pots, which is why we offered them. Hope you consider purchasing one of our 4mm pot.

While we strive to produce as much as possible from materials made in the USA, there are some components of our products that we must purchase from other sources such as gas regulators and most consumer pots.  This is a sad truth of nearly every business in the United States and is true of our competitors.  However, all of our commercial grade cookers are 100% produced by us in Covington, LA.

The bottoms of all our pots, commercial and consumer, are produced with our patent pending technology, all of which is USA made. In addition, all burners and integrated stands are USA made as well.  These product areas are also 100% produced by us in Covington, LA.

Again, we strive to procure and produce everything in the great USA and hope that one day in the near future we will have the means to do so.  By either growing internally or through changes in our country’s policies to bring product manufacturing back, we hope that one day we can mark our products with the “100% made in the USA” stamp.

Hope this answers your question and that you still consider buying a quality made, quality performing product from High Performance Cookers.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me should you have any additional questions. 

Please see our cookers selection chart at the webpage below for a comparison of pot sizes and their capacities.

Please see our cookers selection chart at the webpage below for a comparison of pot sizes and their capacities.

We can put a customers logo on several of our products. From paddles to 40 gal and larger cookers.
If a custom logo option is available, you will see it as an option on the product page. If you do select to add a custom logo, please email it to so it will be added to your order build process.

Our program requires either an SVG (scalable vector graphic) file or any picture file like jpg or png that is not too small or blurry in order to process. 

We are located at 17574 Hard Hat Drive, Unit 3, Covington LA 70435 and are open M-F 7:30am-3:30pm.

All of our pots are made from aluminum(and food safe specific). They need to be made from aluminum in order to utilize our bottom of pot technology that allows the heat to transfer properly. This is the specific technology we have created to achieve the blazing fast boiling speeds as well as consistent speed and performance for holding proper temperature throughout for when slow cooking or frying.

See website below that discusses the technology and what the benefits are in buying a High Performance Cooker. 

What makes High Performance Cookers the best cooker on the market? It's due to our Patent Pending Tunnel Tube Technology! Click here to see wh y our technology works and why it is so special and such a breakthrough product!

PATENT PENDING Tunnel Tube Technology - High Performance Cookers boiling pots are the next generation High Performance pots. They have nearly three times the surface area of a traditional boiling pot and come to a boil in about one third the time. The increased surface area is achieved by welding special size pieces of aluminum channel on to the bottom of the pot in a specific way.

What are the benefits of this technology?  

  • Far less fuel usage
  • Comes to a boil in one third the time
  • Far less heat in the cooking area
  • Cost less to operate
  • No more mushy crawfish caused by slow traditional boiling pots.


To view the current estimated shipping times in the future, please visit our website page below: 


Here is a great video to show how to safely use a propane tank and a jet burner. 

Yes, please download it here .

Cooker Discoloration

Oh no, after using my HP Cooker for the first time, or in a new location for the first time, all of a sudden the pot and basket turned ugly brown or black. What happened? Did the metal suddenly fail?

No, your cooker is perfectly fine, besides the look of it that is! What has happened is that you have boiled water that contained an unusual high amount of minerals. This is called a patina effect to the metal. The reaction between high heat and minerals in the water can cause aluminum to darken or discolor. This is a perfectly normal reaction to science between materials. This color will also diminish the intensity over the next several boils, so before wanting to clean or restore it right away, give it a few boils to see how it settles back to a milder grey like finish.

Is it safe to still cook in the pot, given the discoloration? Yes, it is perfectly safe for continued use.

Can my pot be returned to normal looking color or condition? Yes, there are several methods to try to return your pot to original form. However, should you use it again in the same water environment, it is likely to discolor again, but probably not to the extreme dark color as the original instance.

  • To remove black residue, fill the cooker with X number of cups water and add X number of tbsp. of white vinegar.
  • Example 5 gallons of water, (16 cups per gallon) is 80 cups of water. Therefore you will need 80 tbsp of vinegar. (1 cup = 16 tbsp) 80 tbsp/16 tbsp = 5 cups.
  • Boil the white vinegar solution in the cooker for several minutes until the water becomes very dark.
  • Drain the solution down your drain and repeat the process until the black residue is gone.
  • Scrub the outside of the pot with a scrubbing pad soaked in white vinegar to remove any black stains that may have developed on the outside of the pot from the water.

Additional articles of help regarding the cause of discoloration and cleaning steps: 


In order to provide access to our recipe for cooking a sack of crawfish in one of our 100QT powered cookers please click below.

Click here to download our Recipe! 

The speed difference if any depends mainly on the natural gas service supply that is provide to our burners.  Typically household service is 1/2 pound.  In this case you would only be able to use our 32 tip multi-jet burners.  But if your location provides 2 pounds of natural gas service, you can get one of our custom natural gas jet burners with your build.  These provide the same great speed as propane jet burners.   See below for more details:

Commercial Cookers

If you are using our Natural Gas Jet burners that are available on our commercial cookers (40 gal or larger), you can expect the same FAST speeds as listed in our cooker chart.
NOTE:  To utilize our Natural Gas Jet burners, you are required to provide 2 pounds of natural gas service.

Consumer Pots

When utilizing the 32 tip multi-jet natural gas burners you will achieve the same speed or better, as a standard boiling pot(without our HPC bottom technology) with propane jet burners.

NOTE:  This is when hooked up to the standard household natural gas with 1/2 pound service. 
For estimated actual times you can expect to multiply the time to boil from our standard times in this chart by 2 to 2.5.  



For help with how to fry a turkey in our pots, please view the below, non- professional video we created for previous customers. We do have intentions to make a more professional quality one in the future, but in the meantime this should help.

Here is a video of the steps and timeline to fry a turkey in our dual 60 QT Fryer.

For this video we used a HP Cooker 60 QT pot, with 6.5 gallons of oil and it took about 25 minutes to get the oil heated up to 330 degrees(best temperature to drop in turkeys). Then we fried two turkeys at once for about 55 mins(3.5 mins per pound) , checking the internal cooked temperature periodically until we got to 180 degrees. At which time we turned off the pot and pulled out two fully cooked turkeys. 

Link to video: 

NOTE: You also need to make sure the temperature never gets much above 350 very long, otherwise your oil will start to burn, and will make the turkey skin look burnt as well.

Here are a couple sites with step by step instructions/recipes you can also use for frying turkeys as well. 


Here is a quick video on how to install your steaming rack into your basket on any of our round pots:

Round Pot steaming disc installation