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Why Buy a High Performance Cooker? See Why!

Feel the Heat. See the Speed. Taste the Difference.

Our patent-pending 'Tunnel Tube Technology' is unlike anything else on the market. The unique bottom provides nearly 3x the traditional cooking pot's surface area and boils in about 1/3 the time. The fast and efficient boiling speed of a High Performance Cooker is excellent for cooking seafood such as crawfish and crabs. NO MORE MUSHY CRAWFISH!

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 Local Retail Walk-In Store NOW OPEN!

Local Retail Walk-In Store NOW OPEN!

Come visit our production warehouse and get a look at how we manufacture our seafood boil equipment and supplies! While there, shop in our storefront! We also offer purchasing online and free product pickup at our store.

Disrupting Industry

HP Cookers enters The Barbecue Pit World with Cool Blue Performance! This ground breaking innovation is set to disrupt the gas fired BBQ industry.
Our new patent pending innovations will provide the following features:
- No more burner failure
- No more grease fires
- Improved ignition performance
- Extended pit life
- Better BBQ experience every time you grill

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Delicious Geaux Creole Recipes

Are you looking for a delicious authentic tasting creole recipe? We've put together a list of some of the best creole dishes you can make at home! With the right seafood cooking equipment (High Performance Cookers of course), and delicious Geaux Creole seasoning, you will have the best seafood you've ever tasted!

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