60 Qt Dual Turkey Fryer Pot With Drain Valve / Lid & Turkey Rack

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Our High Performance 60-quart dual turkey fryer pot includes a lid and dual turkey rack. Our new turkey fryer can fry two 13lb turkeys at one time while maintaining optimal frying temperature, due to its Tunnel Tube Technology designed bottom. This pot was made for turkey frying but can be used to fry seafood, chicken, and more.

The standard build comes with:  1/2" Drain Valve & 6" Banjo Burner, Lid, and Rack
                                                    (Valve can be upgraded when adding to your cart)

Multi-use Pot for Frying, Boiling, Slow Cooking, or Steaming

(Just purchase an add-on Interchangeable Burner Plate)

The High Performance Dual Turkey Frying Pot Is Also Great For Cooking:

  • Seafood
  • Shrimp
  • Crabs
  • Lobster
  • Turkey
  • Gumbo
  • Chili
  • Vegetables
  • Peanuts
  • and more!

It's The Perfect Outdoor Cooker For Your:

  • Tailgate Party
  • Festival
  • Backyard Gathering
  • Lake House
  • Beach Party
  • Camping Trip


Dual Turkey Fryer Pot Features & Benefits

  • 60 Quart Capacity
  • Made from 4mm Heavy Duty Aluminum
  • Large handles for secure handling of pot
  • Full fitting Lid
  • 6-inch 55K BTU Banjo Burner
  • Dual Turkey Rack
  • Optional Basket
  • Optional Steamer Basket Riser - that elevates the basket to enable steaming
  • Dimensions: 16.25-inch Diameter Cooking Surface (17.25-inch pot height)
  • 7.5-inch  Tall Built-in Aluminum Cooker Frame
  • 1/2-inch Drain Port and Gate Valve

Start Frying Turkey Like a Professional!

What makes Our Turkey Fryer stand out among other similar products on the market today is pure horsepower. All other outdoor propane-fired turkey fryers rely a on traditional flat bottom pot design which is limited on thermal absorption. Frying turkeys require a lot of power. Traditional turkey fryers are pitiful. When the turkey is submerged into the 350 degrees oil, the oil temperature then drops almost 100 degrees and takes a long time to recover. This just distorts the cooking time and makes the turkey greasy.

Fast Temperature Recovery Time - No More Greasy Turkey!

Our Tunnel Tube Technology patent-pending bottom makes all the difference. Our bottom absorbs nearly three times as much thermal energy from the burner, giving you the power to maintain frying temperature. This turkey fryer is capable of frying two turkeys at a time and when you submerge the turkeys into the oil at 350 degrees, the oil temperature drop is only about 20 degrees and recovers in about five minutes. No more greasy turkey. Even though this fryer was designed for frying turkeys, it is great for frying chicken/fish and more.

See why High Performance Cookers blows the competition away!

Sku: PT60-VLV050-TFR

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