18 QT Fish Fryer / Brazier Powered Pot

Product Description
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Create the fish dishes you’ve dreamed of with the 18QT Fish Fryer and Brazier Pot. This powered cooker is the ultimate tool to perfect your cooking and produce wonderful food for family, guests and customers to enjoy.

We’re inspired by the incredible seafood of the South. Having been created in Louisiana, High Performance Cookers has a mission to provide you with the tools to enjoy the best Southern cooking. This is the perfect platform to indulge in the rich culinary history of this incredible region.

Whether you’re looking to indulge in fish or fry something different, the 18QT capacity of this cooker is ideal for cooking small to medium sized ingredients. We know that the best food is a shared experience, and with this pot, you’ll be cooking for those you love.

Ideal for Gatherings

From tailgating and birthday celebrations to festivals and camping trips, this is the ideal cooker for any environment. With its solid construction and sturdy tripod design, you can be safe using this cooker outdoors, in your yard or even in a professional kitchen.

The 18QT Fish Fryer is ready for whatever you throw at it. This is a cooker that’s going to be by your side for years to come. From fry ups to in the summer evenings to a warm bowl of seafood to keep you going, this fryer should be a staple in any home cook’s arsenal.

We set out to make the best high performance cooking equipment we could, and this pot is testament to our success.

Tailored to Your Needs

Available as stock with a ¼” Drain Valve and 6” Banjo Burner, you can remove the drain valve when adding to your cart. This ensures that you have the perfect tool to fit your needs, whatever they may be.

Don’t wait! Get one for yourself to see why high performance cookers are the best on the market. With our durable design and emphasis on quality cookers for quality food - we blow the competition away.

Standard build comes with:  1/4" Drain Valve & 6" Banjo Burner                                                                                     (Drain valve can be removed when adding to your cart)

Features & Benefits:

  • 18 QT Capacity
  • Made from 4mm Heavy Duty Aluminum
  • Large handles for secure handling of pot
  • Dimensions: 16-inch diameter cooking surface (5.25-inch inside depth)
  • 6-inch Tall Built-in Aluminum Cooker Frame
  • Interchangeable Built-In 55K BTU Banjo Burner
  • 10-psi Propane Regulator
  • 1/4-inch Drain Port and Ball Valve

See why High Performance Cookers blows the competition away!



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