120 Quart Powered Seafood/Crawfish Cooker

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Learn about the benefits of High Performance Cookers compared to traditional boiling pots. Our patent-pending 'Tunnel Tube Technology' is unlike anything else on the market. The unique bottom provides nearly 3x the traditional cooking pot's surface area and boils in about 1/3 the time. The fast and efficient boiling speed of a High Performance Cooker is excellent for cooking seafood such as crawfish and crabs.


Perfect For Cooking Crawfish & Just About Anything!

The large 120-quart multi-use cooker can be used for boiling, slow cooking, steaming, or frying. It includes a basket, lid, and a built-in stand, and an interchangeable burner.

The standard build comes with a 3/4" drain valve & triple jet burner.
           (Both options can be upgraded when adding to your cart)

Our 120 Quart Powered Seafood Cooker is Excellent For Cooking:

  • seafood
  • crawfish
  • shrimp
  • crabs
  • oysters
  • lobster
  • turkey
  • gumbo
  • chili
  • vegetables
  • peanuts
  • and more.

Take your High Performance Cooker to tailgate parties, festivals, backyard hangouts, beaches, and camping trips. 

Patent-Pending Tunnel Tube Technology

Ready to start cooking like a professional? Here are a few more great benefits and features of our powered seafood cookers!

  • Get quicker boils and keep a consistent temperature throughout the entire pot.
  • Use up to 75% less propane while cooking food at a much faster time.
  • Better temperature control and boiling speeds help create the best food quality.
  • Better taste, firmness, and overall food quality. Lock in flavors and avoid mushy seafood!

Learn more about Tunnel Tube Technology and its advantages.

Features & Benefits:
Seafood Cooker/Boiling Pot
  • 120-quart capacity
  • Made from 4mm heavy duty aluminum
  • Special order 6mm option available (call for pricing)
  • Large heavy handles for secure handling of pot
  • Full fitting basket and Lid
  • Dimensions: 21.5-inch diameter cooking surface (19.5-inch inside depth)
  • 10.5-inch tall built-in aluminum cooker frame
  • Interchangeable built-in 375,000 BTU triple jet burner
  • 30-PSI propane regulator with 60-inch hose
  • 3/4-inch drain port and gate valve
  • Boiling speed of 60 quarts in 7 minutes
  • Two banjo burner options available for cooking & frying
  • Many customizable options & accessories!
Sku: PW120-BTJ-VLV075

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