Users Manual

Safety Protocols


  • There must be water (or oil) in at least the bottom third of the pot.
  • Activating a burner onto the bottom of a pot without water or oil will ruin your pot. 
  • It will burn a hole thru the bottom of the pot extremely quickly, due to our high performance bottom.


  • Too much content will block the natural boiling/frying process from the pot bottom which could cause the pot to overheat.
  • Never place contents between the basket and the pot bottom.
  • These issues could cause a catastrophic failure of the system.
  • Test level of water/oil needed before lighting to prevent overflow when putting in food.
  • Overflow can result in serious injuries of burning of the skin.


  • Never light you pot before adding oil.
  • Never attempt to fry in a pot with a jet burner!  You must utilize banjo burners for frying, as jet burners will get the oil too hot too fast, and have the potential for catastrophic failure and burning of oil and food will occur.
  • Test level of oil needed before lighting to prevent overflow when putting in food.  Overflow can result in serious injuries of burning.


  • Always open your steamer slowly when in use
  • Allow the steam to dissipate by opening the cover slowly to avoid injury.
  • Open your steamer from the rear to allow heat to dissipate away from the user.

Other safety precausions:

  • Never leave a heated pot unattended.
  • Always make sure your cooker is setup away from any flammable items.
  • Do not ignite or set your cookers on wooden decks.
  • Insure cooker is setup on a level surface
  • Igniting procedures
    • Have lighter lit by burner, then gradually open the regulator value to begin the release of propane/natural gas.
    • Once initially lit, then gradually increase your regulator to the desired power level.

 Please click this link to download or print our recommended DOs & DO NOTs pdf.


First Use Instructions

Wash thoroughly with warm water and a small amount of dish detergent. Rinse clean removing all of the soapy water and dry completely. 


Preventive Maintenance & Cleaning

After each use, apply dish soap, soak with water, and scrub with the rough side of a sponge to remove any buildup from the inside and outside of your cooker.   Rinse your pot or pan and dry it with a dish towel.  Your cooker is now ready for the next use or next season!
  • Don't use steel wool or other abrasive scrubbers, as this may scratch your cookware.
  • Never leave any wet seasoning in the pot after boiling is complete.  The salt content and other ingredients in the seasonings may become corrosive and cause damage to the pot interior.

Frequently Asked Questions & Troubleshooting