All Powered Seafood Cookers & Boiling Pots

Our high-performance powered seafood cookers come with built-in burner stands and burners. Perfect for all-sized outdoor cooking events or gatherings. 

What Makes High Performance Cookers Outperform the Competition?

With a High Performance Cooker, you'll see, feel, and taste the difference! Our unique patent-pending 'Tunnel Tube Technology' provides a quick boiling speed with just 90 seconds for a return boil! Every cooker comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Our high-quality outdoor cookers and boiling pots are:

  • Made from 6mm heavy-duty aluminum.
  • Built-in the USA using premium materials.
  • Great for cooking seafood, gumbo, chili, turkey, vegetables, and more!
  • Multi-use for boiling, slow cooking, steaming, or frying. (optional upgrades)
  • Powered by interchangeable stainless steel propane burners.

No more mushy crawfish! Start cooking like a professional!

All Powered Seafood Cookers & Boiling Pots

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