HP Cookers Enters The Barbecue Pit World with Our Predator Grill featuring Cool Blue Performance!


High Performance Cookers is all about developing new technology to substantially improve the performance and efficiency of cooking equipment. Our product creator developed the Tunnel Tube technology to improve the efficiency of aluminum boiling pots primarily for the seafood industry, resulting in a boiling pot that comes to a boil three times faster than a traditional boiling pot using the same gas burner.

HP Cookers has now focused it's sights on the BBQ pit industry with several new patent pending technologies to solve major problems associated with gas fired BBQ pits.  Our pit will disrupt the gas fired BBQ industry!

All gas fired BBQ pits suffer the same problems whether they cost $300 dollars or thousands of dollars; they pretty much turn into rust buckets within just a few years. The worst thing is long before these traditional pits fall apart their burners lose performance as they rust out resulting in black soot depositing on the food.They are also hard to clean which can cause grease fires that are damaging to the fire box, ignition system and gas valves.



Problems solved

1. Burners and other internal parts prematurely rusting out has plagued the gas fired BBQ pit industry. This is caused by the high operating temperatures associated with gas fired BBQ pits.  HPCookers has solved this problem by developing a new burner called Cool Blue that is totally immune to the high temperatures in the pit, extending burner life nearly indefinitely, and maintaining maximum performance all the while.

2. Grease fires which can seriously damage the pit and ruin the food you're cooking. This is caused by the grease collecting at the bottom of the pit reaching it's smoke temperature and flashing over. Our new Predator pit bottom design eliminates pit fires by preventing the grease from reaching it's flashover point. This system also helps keep the food drippings from sticking to the pit bottom, allowing the drippings time to move to the drain port and out of the fire box.

3. Cleaning and maintaining a gas fired BBQ pits. It is difficult to clean gas fired BBQ pits because of all the small rusting stainless steel parts and ignition wires that are in the way making it hard to clean thoroughly. At HP Cookers we believe being able to clean and service your BBQ pit should be super easy. Our sit in place pit design is simple to clean and maintain. The grills flame tamers and burners simply lift right out of the fire box leaving the firebox wide open to be cleaned with simple dish washing liquid. There are no crevices for grease to hide. The burners can be put in the dish washer for a deep cleaning if needed.

     Key Features

    • No more burner failure.
    • No more grease fires.
    • Improved ignition performance.
    • Extended pit life.
    • Better BBQ experience every time you grill.

    Special INVITATION for our HPC active account customers.
    HP Cookers will be presenting the new commercial grade BBQ pit at an open house on TBD date in 2022. Our product creator will be there to explain how it works and demonstrating it's performance. If you are interested in attending our open house please fill out the registration form located on the web page linked below.  


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