High Performance Cookers has arrived!

High Performance Cookers has arrived!

On September 23, 2020 High Performance Cookers LLC was formed.  With a joint venture of 3 owners, including the inventor of the Patent Pending Tunnel Tube technology a new company was formed.

Previously operating as Tunnel Tube Cookers, the new ownership team created this new company to help grow the brand, increase production and form an operations that will thrive.

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  • Jay Meral
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  • Larry Munster
    Larry Munster

    For 1 sack get the 100qt. It fits 40lbs of crawfish with fixins perfect.

  • Lloyd A Elstrott Jr.
    Lloyd A Elstrott Jr.

    Hey y’all ! Looks like ya got a winner with this lineup of power tools.
    I really don’t boil more than a sack at a time, but what do you recommend
    for a newby for boiling seafood? Am I out of my league with wanting the best?
    Awaiting your advice,
    Lloyd Elstrott
    West Monroe, LA ( ASA "Yat from N’Awlins !)

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